class SugDefsElement

SugDefsElement is a container element that holds all elements in the definition segment of the svg file


Public Methods

[more] SugDefsElement ()
The class constructor
[more] ~SugDefsElement ()
The class destructor

Inherited from SugElement:

Public Methods

ovoid addAttribute(char* name, char* value)
obool getColorAttribute(char* attrName, SugColor& attrValue)
oSugTypes::ElementType getElementType()
obool getFloatAttribute(char* attrName, float& attrValue)
oconst char* getId()
obool getIntegerAttribute(char* attrName, int& attrValue)
obool getPointListAttribute(char* attrName, vector<SugPoint>& attrValue)
oconst char* getStringAttribute(char* attrName)
obool getTransformListAttribute(vector<SugTransform>& attrValue)
ovoid printAttributes()
ovoid setElementType(SugTypes::ElementType newType)

Protected Fields

omap<string, string> mAttributes
oSugTypes::ElementType mElementType

Inherited from SugNode:

Public Methods

oSugNode* appendChild(SugNode* newChild)
ovector<SugNode> * getChildNodes()
oSugNode* getFirstChild()
oSugNode* getLastChild()
oSugNode* getNextSibling()
ochar* getNodeName()
ounsigned short getNodeType()
ochar* getNodeValue()
oSugNode* getParentNode()
oSugNode* getPreviousSibling()
obool hasAttributes()
obool hasChildNodes()
oSugNode* insertBefore(SugNode* newChild, SugNode* refChild)
oSugNode* removeChild(SugNode* oldChild)
oSugNode* replaceChild(SugNode* newChild, SugNode* oldChild)
oSugNode* setFirstChild(SugNode* newFirstChild)
oSugNode* setLastChild(SugNode* newLastChild)
oSugNode* setNextSibling(SugNode* newNextSibling)
ochar* setNodeName(char* newNodeName)
ounsigned short setNodeType(unsigned short newNodeType)
ochar* setNodeValue(char* newNodeValue)
oSugNode* setParentNode(SugNode* newParentNode)
oSugNode* setPreviousSibling(SugNode* newPreviousSibling)

Protected Fields

ovector<SugNode> mChildNodes
oSugNode* mFirstChild
oSugNode* mLastChild
oSugNode* mNextSibling
ochar* mNodeName
ounsigned short mNodeType
ochar* mNodeValue
oSugNode* mParentNode
oSugNode* mPreviousSibling


SugDefsElement is a container element that holds all elements in the definition segment of the svg file
o SugDefsElement()
The class constructor

o ~SugDefsElement()
The class destructor

This class has no child classes.

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