class GlSvgRenderer

Public Methods

[more] GlSvgRenderer ()
[more]void createGlSvgGeometry (SugSvgElement* element)
[more]float getSvgHeight ()
[more]float getSvgWidth ()
[more]void render ()
[more] ~GlSvgRenderer ()

Protected Fields

[more]map<string, GlSvgRenderable*> mElements
[more]float mSvgHeight
[more]float mSvgWidth
[more]GlSvgGroup rootElement

Protected Methods

[more]void createGlSvgGeometry (SugElement* sugElement, GlSvgGroup* group)


o GlSvgRenderer()

o ~GlSvgRenderer()

ofloat getSvgHeight()

ofloat getSvgWidth()

ovoid createGlSvgGeometry(SugSvgElement* element)

ovoid render()

ovoid createGlSvgGeometry(SugElement* sugElement, GlSvgGroup* group)

ofloat mSvgHeight

ofloat mSvgWidth

oGlSvgGroup rootElement

omap<string, GlSvgRenderable*> mElements

This class has no child classes.

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