class GlSvgOutlinePoint

Public Methods

[more] GlSvgOutlinePoint (float x, float y)
[more]GlSvgOutlinePoint* getNextPoint ()
[more]GlSvgOutlinePoint* getPreviousPoint ()
[more]void getXY (float& x, float& y)
[more]int operator!= (const GlSvgOutlinePoint& p)
[more]int operator== (const GlSvgOutlinePoint& p)
[more]void setNextPoint (GlSvgOutlinePoint* nextPoint)
[more]void setPreviousPoint (GlSvgOutlinePoint* previousPoint)
[more] ~GlSvgOutlinePoint ()


o GlSvgOutlinePoint(float x, float y)

o ~GlSvgOutlinePoint()

ovoid setNextPoint(GlSvgOutlinePoint* nextPoint)

ovoid setPreviousPoint(GlSvgOutlinePoint* previousPoint)

ovoid getXY(float& x, float& y)

oGlSvgOutlinePoint* getNextPoint()

oGlSvgOutlinePoint* getPreviousPoint()

oint operator==(const GlSvgOutlinePoint& p)

oint operator!=(const GlSvgOutlinePoint& p)

This class has no child classes.

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