class GlSvgOutline

Public Methods

[more] GlSvgOutline ()
[more]void addPoint (GlmPoint2 point)
[more]void addPoint (float x, float y)
[more]void renderFill (GLUtesselator* tess)
[more]void renderStroke ()
[more]void setClosed ()
[more]void setOpen ()
[more]void setRenderer (GlSvgRenderer* renderer)
[more]void setStrokeCapType (GlSvgTypes::StrokeCapType strokeCapType)
[more]void setStrokeWidth (float width)
[more] ~GlSvgOutline ()


o GlSvgOutline()

o ~GlSvgOutline()

ovoid renderStroke()

ovoid renderFill(GLUtesselator* tess)

ovoid addPoint(float x, float y)

ovoid addPoint(GlmPoint2 point)

ovoid setClosed()

ovoid setOpen()

ovoid setStrokeWidth(float width)

ovoid setStrokeCapType(GlSvgTypes::StrokeCapType strokeCapType)

ovoid setRenderer(GlSvgRenderer* renderer)

This class has no child classes.

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