class GlSvgLink

Class to render linked Gl Svg objects


Public Methods

[more] GlSvgLink ()
[more]virtual void render (bool forceRender = false)
[more]void setLink (GlSvgRenderable* link)
[more]virtual ~GlSvgLink ()

Protected Fields

[more]GlSvgRenderable* mLink

Inherited from GlSvgRenderable:

Public Methods

ovoid applyTransforms()
ovector<SugTransform> * getTransformList()
obool isStored()
ovoid setRenderer(GlSvgRenderer* renderer)
ovoid setStored(bool isStored)

Protected Fields

obool mIsStored
oGlSvgRenderer* mRenderer
ovector<SugTransform> mTransformList


Class to render linked Gl Svg objects
o GlSvgLink()

ovirtual ~GlSvgLink()

ovirtual void render(bool forceRender = false)

ovoid setLink(GlSvgRenderable* link)

oGlSvgRenderable* mLink

This class has no child classes.

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